I donโ€™t care what year it is and how out of date the idea is, if you make me a mix tape, you can have my heart. Forever.

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You win.

Ha, God I feel like shit. Again.
Yeah, this doesn’t feel too cool but… You did it. You accomplished me. Just like he did. Whatever game you were playing. Whatever puzzle I was to you. You did it.
You win.

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Come lay with me. I wanna talk about nothing with someone that means something.
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Where there is love there is no darkness. ~Burundian proverb
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cuffing season is a myth perpetuated by td jakes ministries viacom and โ€œblack twitterโ€ to inflate the sales of drake albums and hookah bar revenue #staywoke there is no cuffin season u can get cuffed at any time protect ya chess out hea

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cry me an ocean, build you a boat and sail away

if this is so difficult, I cannot make you stay

I had been hoping you would be more than just a phase

you donโ€™t believe me; just leave, ainโ€™t nothing more to sayโ€ฆ

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Slowly transitioning back to my old nonchalant ways. Iโ€™d rather have no emotional perspective than to deal with this bull. Spare me, man.
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